Beginning this Sunday – the first Sunday in December (the 4th), and continuing the first Sunday of every month thereafter, Wolf River will have a fellowship meal at the church immediately after the Sunday School hour (about 12:00).


If you’re planning to visit us, this is a great opportunity to get to know us better, and there’s no obligation to bring anything but a desire for fellowship.  If you’re a member or regular visitor, please bring a dish and dessert or snack – enough for your family and a few extra – and come a bit early to the service to get things plugged or situated in the kitchen.


Lord willing we will try this once a month format for several months.  If it works out well, we will most likely go back to our former schedule of fellowship meals on the first and third Sundays, as it was when we were located at Houston Levee Rd.


Wolf River OPC is meeting in person for worship at 10:30am each Lord's Day with Sunday School at 9:30am. All Worship services are also live streamed on YouTube