Who We Are

Wolf River Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church – a denomination that has stood firmly for the truth of God’s Word since 1936.

The OPC was established as a testimony to the Bible when the Bible’s authority was being denied.

“Orthodox” (literally, “straight thinking”) signifies our holding steadfastly to the inerrancy of Scripture, not in a thoughtless faith, but one that recognizes God’s Word as the foundation for consistent “straight thinking.”

“Presbyterian” signifies that we believe the Scriptures to teach that local church elders along with a pastor, form a “session” to care for the spiritual welfare of the members of the Church, while not presuming to interfere with their freedom of conscience in matters of Christian liberty.

There are over 300 OPC churches across the US, as well as active mission works in many foreign countries.

At Wolf River Presbyterian Church we hold to the historic doctrines of the reformation, as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, as the most faithful expression of Biblical doctrine, worship, and life.

Wolf River OPC is meeting in person for worship at 10:30am each Lord's Day with Sunday School at 9:30am. All Worship services are also live streamed on YouTube