Dear Guest

Sinners saved by grace, we are a Biblically Reformed, Presbyterian Church in Collierville – a suburb to the East of Memphis, Tennessee.  We are a church characterized by in depth, expository preaching and teaching, vibrant “grass roots” Christian fellowship, and biblical worship.

We want to do things biblically – that’s what we’re all about. Our worship reflects Biblical principle, our teaching reflects Biblical priority, and our fellowship reflects the Biblical perspective of the joyful blessing of Christian fellowship.

To appreciate fully our commitment to Christ and his Word, come visit us. You will be sure of a warm welcome from whatever background you might come, and we would consider it a privilege to worship the Lord with you. Our service times are 9:30 AM morning worship, and 11:00 AM Sunday School. We are a church that loves both to worship and fellowship – and we hope to see you soon!